Top Five Comfiest Airlines

To be someone who travels a lot, I have my part of bad planes. It is not unusual to go a long step with your legs still asleep, praying to be stretched! People I know even say that a more expensive card is fine as long as the plane had enough space.

Another convenient measure I use is entertainment. I bring a book together to help pass the time, but I still check the flights on flights. More members of my work oriented laptops have access to the Internet at the top of their list. I guess I can also use it to surf the net, too.
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The services of the plane are also something to think about. I like spacious bathrooms since I prefer not to throttle (in more than one way) when using a can. I sleep while traveling normally, so having nice pillows and blankets help me sleep soundly as well as a nice, comfortable chair. Decent food is a must, since I've eaten enough on senseless meals to last a lifetime. Friendly airline staff is also a great advantage. I've been half ignored by an angry stewardess once, and I have not even flirted with her!

So, what are the best airlines for booking flights? According to the World Airline Awards, they appear below:

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1. Singapore Airlines – I had the pleasure of flying with this airline several times, and I heard that they are number one not surprising at all. They always had a good name among regular travelers, and for good reason. The economy department is not crowded, the business class is as good as it gets, the meals are great in all classes, the staff is friendly and well trained and a good selection of in-flight entertainment.
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If you have a flight with Singapore Airlines, you are guaranteed satisfaction. Your legs might not want to leave, and it's not because they're asleep!

2. Thai Airways – another excellent airline! Some consider them to be the true competitor of Singapore Airlines, both being based in Southeast Asia and both are considered to be some of the best in the world. As with Singapore Airlines, you are guaranteed satisfaction from them.

3. Cathay Pacific – Consistent Competitor Since capturing the awards, you are sure they have good experience with them. While not as good as the best, it ranks above their average in what needs traveling giving them a good edge against other airlines.
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4. Qatar Airways – If you fly first class, look no further! Qatar Airways has the best first class seats in the business, and is not slouch in other categories either. It is also the best airline in the Middle East.
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Catch a flight with them and see what they can do for you.

5. Kentes – another consistent player like Cathay Pacific, it is considered to be the best airline in Australia. It does well in many comfort categories, and is known to be the best choice for flights.

So what are you waiting for? If you have a planned trip, be sure that it is one of these airlines for a comfortable travel experience that will leave you smiling, inside out!

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