Security receives friendship

Whenever I ask someone who went on a walk how it was, all I hear is how terrible airport security was. How long did they have to wait in line to pass the security, just to cancel the flight or delayed. Then you have to go back through the security to get on another flight.

Thanks Dr. Lisa Dolev Pesky Airport Security is a thing of the past Dr. Lisa, CEO of Qylur, has developed a new process of security checks, introduced into several airports, baseball parks, and some high traffic areas around the world. A scanner with five empty compartments, where the passengers or customers will put their bags and belongings first, they will scan a custom bar code for their bag, and then they will close the door and turn red. Scanner around the other side of the machine to load their luggage.If the door is red, something inside their bag has been felt a threat and they must wait until security checks to him Da is nothing wrong and has to look through their bags.If the door is green they can then scan their barcode to retrieve their bags.The bar code is also another security measure because nobody has the same person, so their loved ones will be accessible only by bar code

Using Qylatron places such as airports, baseball parks, and places with high traffic will reduce the inconvenience and possible damage that may come from personal items during security checks.This also brings a sense of fun and excitement with security lights Its bright flashing scanning system that can be run by the smallest children. Behind this machine is not just parts and gadgets just pass the engines and the green flashlight and red lights at all times, but a machine that has years of data, mathematics, and knowledge raised to it.

Qylatron, a new security screening machine sounds like a very convenient way to do security, but here are some questions I have. One, does this new machine affect the ticket prices of travel or admission to the place we are trying to go? If you think about it, it makes sense. This machine can not be cheap, so the establishment would pay for it or we as a community to pay the price, literally. Second, is it really safe? I understand that this scanner should identify items that are considered unsafe or cautious and capable. Although this machine may have years of knowledge but it is safe, it will truly protect us. Finally, would it be just another piece of technology to take thousands of jobs from just us humans? I know if the bag is considered unsafe because you must have a person to retrieve the bag and look through it but it does not take more than three or four people at each stop. Compared to the eight or ten used to explain, monitor, and search at the previous projection station.

In summary, I think Qylatron is an amazing innovation. I think that's exactly what our society needs. It brings a sense of fun and good spirit to the place where we are now anxious and are slowly scared going. Since 9/11 airport airport has been crazy and frantically frantic, to see something that still has the same amount of security and manages to pin a smile across people, is a gift.

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