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Transactional SMS enables instant two-way communication with mobile devices, such as mobile phones and PDAs. With 97% delivery and calling, SMS messaging is increasingly gaining a perfect tool recognition for communication client.

To receive SMS messages of transactions such as requests for information, alerts or other types of messages – the subscriber must give permission, or "Join". Permission may be granted by telephone, in writing, via a website, or, of course, SMS. To avoid major problems with mobile phone providers, SMS marketers must obtain approval before transferring commercial messages or even transactions. There are no exceptions here.

Transactional SMS may be configured in a variety of applications. For example, an airline may send SMS alerts when a flight is canceled or delayed. A person can use them to get stock quotes, health tips, or to vote their preferences in competitions.

In addition, many companies now utilize the popular media tools to boost sales. The Auto Service Department can produce significant add on revenue by sending scheduled SMS messages for services such as oil changes. Transactional SMS payment reminders are a very popular and economical method of communication used in Europe and Asia.

AbsoluteROI, a multi-channel marketing channels company, has recently conducted a case study with an integrated lender that combines SMS messaging. The AROI operating platform was set to pull the mobile phone number of borrowers in good condition from the database and send them a real-time transaction message directing the borrowers to a site where they could fulfill a second loan request. In the 41 weeks of SMS campaign testing, it yielded the following results:

o 132,726 texts sent

o 18,255 visits to the application site

o 2,065 loans funded

During the test period, Net was created, with the lender incurring $ 13,272 cost to send the text messages. Overall, the lender realized a yield of 833% on investment. Shocking compared to traditional methods.

You can implement, implement or integrate cell phone messages in almost any business that communicates with their customers. The ability to obtain opt-in mobile numbers to meet FCC requirements and carrier requirements is key to a successful SMS transaction plan.

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