Indira Gandhi International Airport

Indira Gandhi International Airport is one of the busiest airports in India. It is located in the NCR area of ​​West Delhi. The airport is named after Indira Gandhi, former former Prime Minister of India. With the opening of its new 3 terminal, this airport has become one of the largest and busiest entity in Southeast Asia.

The airport has several terminals to handle domestic traffic and transport. It is expected that the airport will be able to handle more than 100 million passengers annually by 2030.

Arrival at the airport :

IGIA can be reached through several options available with you city. Many paying taxis operate from different parts of the city to take take and drop you off at the airport. One of the easiest and affordable way to get to the airport is to use the express airport of Delhi Metro. This line runs from Delhi Railway Station to IGIA Terminal 3. Many low-floor air conditioned buses are started by the DTC.

Other Facts and Statistics :

The airport serves almost every major airline in the world. There are nearly 70 flights which are served here by ATC every hour. This airport is home to some of the popular low cost suppliers of the country like Kingfisher, Indigo, SpiceJet, Jet Airways and GoAir. There are six terminals that make up this airport.

Terminal 1 Actually striving for local traffic. It has been further subdivided into 4 smaller terminals which are owned and operated by low-cost budget carriers.

Terminal 2 was designed to operate in a joint arrangement with Terminal 3 until the end of Terminal 4. After completion T4 T2 will be destroyed and a new terminal will be made.

Terminal 3 is one of the best terminals in the world. The terminal is dedicated to handling only the international traffic and more than 34 million passengers are treated by it each year. T3 has more than 150 check counters, 15 X-ray scanning machines, 72 immigration counters and 30 parking bays. This terminal is connected to the city by express line and Bus Rapid

. The terminal also has state of the art multi-level parking with a capacity of more than 4000 cars.

Terminals 4 and 5 are in later stages of development. These are designed to control the growing traffic of passengers. This facility also has a new cargo facility.

The Hague Terminal is dedicated to Haj pilgrims who travel to the Haj Every year. Special flights for haj therapists from here only. It is capable of handling 10 million passengers per year. The terminal operates only two months a year. Plans are being made so that it can be utilized for the remaining 10 months as well.

The cargo terminal is used to handle all freight and cargo operations. The airport has received special awards and accolades for its cargo and fear treatment services.

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