Bitcoin, the leading marketable cryptographic asset, has been a confusing year so far. The year that began with the crypto-currencies began in the extreme, but later exploded 350% to 14,000 dollars, before falling by nearly 50% to 7,300 dollars. The third largest 24-hour gain in cryptographic assets returned to its 200 and 50-day moving average, […]

The best way to travel

The best way to travel really depends on the person going on vacation and the chosen destination. The most independent and adventurous personalities will likely opt for the flexibility of an autonomous ride, while the one who prefers to have everything and taken care of on his behalf will eventually choose a guided or group […]

Memory of transcendental and exciting journeys

With Good Morning Diego Garcia: A Discovery Trip (Travel – Book 2) , talented author Susan Joyce relates his later memories, in which he began The Lullaby Illusion: A Journey of Awakening (Travel – Volume 1) . The result is a fascinating book that combines the genres of memories and travel books, relating the later […]

Make the most of your travel offers

The most important secret to getting an affordable plane ticket or the best discount for your travels is to know your budget and what you really want. In addition, you should shop around and compare offers until you run out of options and choose the best one among these. And most importantly, always plan ahead. […]

How to start your travel diary

Writing a travel diary can be a fun experience. You will be discussing all of your trips around the world and creating memorabilia of types. Over the years, the magazine will be a source of nostalgia for you. So, if you plan to start a travel diary for a while, here are some tips to […]