Travel on a budget: best advice for traveling at low cost

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, some of your trips may involve very long distances. So it would be natural for you to want to travel at low prices whenever possible. Well, in addition to examining travel comparison websites day by day and waiting for good deals, there are other simple ways to minimize your travel expenses, which you planned to travel by train or plane. Read on.

If you are planning to travel by train, the main advice you should follow is to make your reservations early. Remember: some of the best train deals can be easily obtained by simply booking well in advance of your actual departure date. In fact, you might even be able to buy a first class ticket this way instead of just getting a standard class ticket a few days before your trip.

Another tip you should follow is to avoid taking the train during rush hour. Rush hours generally cover the time people go to work and leave work, and will generally be more expensive than off-peak hours.

Finally, find out if you can save money by booking your train tickets in segments instead of paying for a one-way ticket. Most of the time, booking a train that goes from one place to another instead of stopping at other stations will be more expensive, so be sure to check this out.

Now, if you are planning to travel by air, it makes sense to browse various travel comparison websites to find the best air travel deals. There are also many low cost airlines currently operating, in general. However, it's still worth checking out what your flight would actually include. After all, if you take certain things into consideration, you could save more money.

The first thing to consider is your baggage allowance. First of all: are you paying for this? If you are not, how much will you have to pay to take both the cabin and checked baggage? Also, are there any penalties if you exceed the allowance?

Then discover the facilities on board. Will you have refreshments? If you don't win, how much will food and drink cost? Also, will you get free headphones for the entertainment system?

Unfortunately, travel expenses are necessities that simply cannot be avoided if you have an important meeting to attend abroad or if you want to take a vacation. However, if you follow all of the tips mentioned above, you should be able to take advantage of the best deals available on trains and planes in general. Have a nice trip!

Source by Costan I Alexandru