The best of Irish estates: Powerscourt House and Gardens

Ireland is called the emerald island because of its seemingly endless expanses of green trees, deep woods and green hills. County Wicklow is called the Garden of Ireland and 47 of the county's best acres are home to Powerscourt House and Gardens.

A long and noble history

The Powerscourt site was first installed in the 12th century, but it was not until 1299 that a castle was finally erected by the namesake Power family.

The castle and the land changed hands several times over the next four centuries. The Wingfield family was in possession in 1731 and built a magnificent mansion around the old castle structure.

The existing mansion evolved through several major modifications until the late 1800s when the house was celebrated as one of the most beautiful in all of Ireland.

In 1974, a fire tragically destroyed the famous house. The ruins of the manor were the only structures visible on the site for the next 22 years.

The great reconstruction

In 1996, the owners of the Powerscourt house began the monumental task of reconstructing the old mansion in its current state of renewed grandeur.

Craftsmen installed new windows exactly at the locations before the fire. The entire structure has been carefully and carefully restored. All efforts have been made to preserve the ancient era of the remarkable old building.

Today, tourists visiting Ireland can enjoy the authentic and historic house and gardens of Powerscourt, a true Irish estate which is simply impressive. The magnificent house has recently been recognized as one of the ten most important houses in the world, and the gardens have been voted number 3 of the best in the world by National Geographic.

The elegant main house overlooks royal Italian terraced gardens, the fountain and cave of serene Lake Triton, and many ancient statues – many of which date back to the early 18th century.

An easy stroll through the estate will take you to a Japanese garden, a horse pasture and a centuries-old pet cemetery as well as a beautiful enclosed flower garden.

The River Walk

Just beyond Powerscourt House is the River Walk. A private sloping wooded trail built in 1867 so the landowner and his family can enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride to a waterfall and the Dargle River. The waterfall is the tallest in Ireland and cascades almost 400 feet to the river.

The road is complete with a dense forest of varietal trees originally planted for the enjoyment of the 7th Viscount of Powerscourt in the 1870s. More recently, the woods have provided scenic backdrops for popular films such as Braveheart, Far and Away, Excalibur and The Count of Monte Cristo.

Village of Enniskerry

A few minutes walk from the Powerscourt Estate is the charming little Victorian village of Enniskerry.

Built in the 18th century to house the tenants and caretakers who worked on the estate, this classic Irish community offers tourists the opportunity to dine at local restaurants and browse half a dozen shops that line the main street.

Bring your camera for photos of quaint cottages and a historic clock tower in the center of the village.

If you are looking for the perfect holiday escape, this is a place of Irish magic.

If you are going to

The Powerscourt Estate is located in Eastern Ireland and 12 miles south of Dublin International Airport and Dublin city center.

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Source by Wayne Bayliff