Why not volunteer while traveling abroad?

If you want to enjoy a true taste of a country and your culture in your travels, while taking on new skills and meeting new people; A good way to do this is by choosing to do some voluntary work.

How it works?

There are a few available online schemes that you can register to facilitate the volunteer work. These schemes usually register for free, and some will update the membership by paying a small fee. Membership updates usually provide access to more countries and / or access to more available hosts.

These schemes put in contact with & # 39; guests & # 39; They can go from anything from working on an organic farm to staying and being part of a local family.

What type of work is expected?

The work you are expected to do may vary from helping with the baby's seat, to the use and development of permaculture and organic farming skills. Thousands of cows can be found in the Swiss Alps or assisting in an organic farm in Hungary, in the collection of wines in southern France.

Normally, you will be offered a bed and a pension in exchange for a few hours & # 39; work up to date Working hours are usually agreed between you and your host. This is important for you and your host to know exactly what is expected of you before arriving.

What skills can I take?

Some sites will help you with language skills and you can exchange your skills for something that you like to learn or get involved with. The type of skills you learn in these trips can help you even in your future career. Nowadays there are many ecological farm stations that can provide you with many ecological skills, from traditional construction practices to organic farming.

Travel with budget

Since you do not pay the bed and the pension, this can have a positive impact on your overall travel budget, with the advantage that anything you spend will probably not have the prices sharply inflated by other tourists.

Other benefits

Hosts can provide access to the Internet, their own room and use facilities that can be a real pleasure when traveling in the long term. Some hosts will also take you on a trip to local places of interest. Remember that, since you normally do not have the track surpassed, it is probable that in any case you are not on the tourist track. You will experiment and see things that most travelers will not have access to.

Better still, in this type of scheme, long and lasting friends can sometimes be developed. This can be between you and your hosts or the people you know about your trips.

Good trip!