Memory of transcendental and exciting journeys

With Good Morning Diego Garcia: A Discovery Trip (Travel – Book 2) , talented author Susan Joyce relates his later memories, in which he began The Lullaby Illusion: A Journey of Awakening (Travel – Volume 1) . The result is a fascinating book that combines the genres of memories and travel books, relating the later adventures of the author, when she and her husband, Charles, are invited by friends to travel on a yacht where they entered the her maid They travel and travel to many exotic places. As in the first book, the author undergoes an internal self-discovery journey, since, in addition to living the life-long journey, many people only dream of seeing.

Good morning Diego Garcia He begins with the narrator and Charles returns to Ojai, California, after having spent a turbulent time in Cyprus, living through the coup in 1974 and the war. The couple settles in a house they have leased, with Charles waiting for his old job to call him again and let him know that there is work available. They do not seem to be worried about financial matters, since Charles has the money withdrawn in at least a couple of bank accounts to pass.

A momentary letter arrives in the mail, which changes the life of the narrator and his husband forever. The letter is from his friends, Mia and Dylan, who are currently in Taiwan. His friends are also friends of a Swedish millionaire, owner of several yachts, and he has acquired a new one. The Swedish millionaire always has the broken yachts on his maiden trips before traveling for them, and Mia and Dylan invite the narrator and Charles on the trip, to "help the crew of the yacht of Trincormalee, Sri Lanka to the Seychelles" through India. Ocean, and to the north by the Suez canal. "

They made plans to meet Dylan and Mia in the harbor city of Trincomalee, on the east coast of Sri Lanka. The name of the yacht in which they were traveling was ZoZo.

Just to get where the narrator and Charles met Dylan and Mia was an adventure on her own. They travel to Mumbai, where Charles marks some grass, and they stay in beautiful 5-star hotels, while they see the great disparity between rich and poor in Mumbai and India when they have a hotel located near the Taj Mahal.

The narrator points to several places of the Good morning Diego Garcia who kept a newspaper about his trips. It should be careful as the descriptions of the people they know and the views they see are described in wonder, making the narrator's adventures very real for readers of their books.

Although the narrator and her husband had never manned an yacht before, they are initially excited about the possibility of traveling on a yacht to various destinations in the Indian Ocean. However, they discover that the trip will take place during the monsoon season and that their trip will not be as enjoyable as they had planned to be.

Along with his travels, the narrator explains his fascination with the books of Edgar Cayce and the importance of dreams for himself and for himself. He also makes philosophical questions, sometimes asking why it is considered that cows in India are sacred, but not for people.

This is still before meeting Dylan and Mia and start a trip that will take them to destinations such as the Seychelles and Diego Garcia Island, a volcanic atoll in the Indian Ocean that is the largest of the 60. small islands that They form the Chagos archipelago, before they eventually returned to India and headed for Brussels, Belguim, in 1976.

Good Morning Diego Garcia: A Journey of Discovery (Travel – Book 2), It is a very well-written story about the narrator who travels to exotic places, as well as being a history of his emotional and spiritual growth as a person. It is a must-read for anyone who loves reading captivating and encouraging travel memories, and especially for the followers of the first book of the series, The Lullaby Illusion: A Journey of Awakening (Travel – Volume 1).

Make the most of your travel offers

The most important secret to getting an affordable plane ticket or the best discount for your travels is to know your budget and what you really want. In addition, you should shop around and compare offers until you run out of options and choose the best one among these.

And most importantly, always plan ahead. Nothing is too early to plan your vacation. This will give you ample time to search and choose.

Whether you are a business traveler or planning a family vacation, here are some travel tips that will save you money and choose the best deal:

1. Buy your ticket directly. Travel agents generally charge between $ 15 and $ 35 per ticket.

2. Buy your ticket at the same time instead of buying one at a time. Booking fees can be reduced.

3. Booking a package trip may be a wise choice for some destinations.

4. When planning a more complex trip, a travel agent can save you more time and money.

5. Compare prices online for the best deal. There are websites that help travelers shop around and compare. Some also provide travel tips and directions.

6. Play the seasons. Some travel destinations are the least expensive at certain times or seasons of the year. Booking for a low season would also give you the best deal. 7. Be flexible with dates and times of travel. Some airlines and hotels offer substantial discounts if you book a day or two earlier.

8. Smaller airlines often have lower fees. In addition, smaller airlines do not necessarily mean smaller planes.

9. The alternative airport could also offer you substantial discounts. Ask your travel agent about this.

10. Plan in advance. The earlier you book, the more bargains you will have.

11. Buy travel insurance. The insurance will not only save you life but could also save you money. If you end up sick in a foreign country, your home insurance may not cover it. So, you could end up with your hospitalization vacation budget.

12. Sign up for hotel and airline reward programs. The hotels in the chain usually have reward programs; Enjoy it especially if you are a frequent business traveler. Finally, never stop negotiating, always explore the possibility of reducing air fares and hotel rates. However, it is important to weigh and compare all the options, as not all cheap travel deals will give you the travel value you deserve. Traveling will be more enjoyable if you make the most of your holiday budget.

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Travel Europe – How to travel to Europe with a cheap budget

We all want to travel through Europe with a cheap budget these days.

Airline budget and discount companies have appeared in almost all European countries in recent years, all of them fighting furiously among them to offer cheaper airline offers. But do we really benefit from these discounted European travel prices or the disadvantages of trying to travel around Europe outweigh the benefits cheaply? Does the budget at low prices blind us to the hassle that could be hiding the cheap price? Let's see some current European cheap travel deals and see what we find.

Almost all European countries now have at least one unlimited airline budget line. Easy Jet and Ryan Air are well known and popular in Britain and Ireland. Germany has four or five low cost airlines and specialists in cheap airline flights. Meanwhile, in Sweden, SAS has just launched its own offshoot budget called Snowflake.

At first glance, the rates charged by these airlines may seem ridiculously low; Ryan Air has left his flights almost free in the past, although he still has to pay the airport tax of about twenty British pounds. But where is the capture? Is there a catch? Can you really travel by air in Europe without spending a fortune?

Here is the offer if you want to travel to Europe with a cheap budget:

First, low-cost airlines in Europe almost always use out of the city's provincial airports, often about forty or fifty kilometers from the respective centers of the city. This can add up to two hours of travel time to each end. You also have to pay for the bus or train connection to arrive from your airport to the city center. Be sure to add this price to the cost of your ticket when you compare prices between the cheap flights deals and the prices of the main airlines. In most cases, the main airlines carry you to the airport in the city center and, therefore, reduce travel time and the cost of any additional transportation.

If you are not lucky enough to lose a flight, you could literally be trapped in a very rural airport during the night with all the outlets closed and without any way to return to the city or the city.

Secondly, you will only get what you pay for. Airlines from the European budget can not offer any service during the flight for food and drinks. Or, if they do, they will charge you for a premium rate. Coffee, snacks and beer can be very expensive. To be fair, many flights last for one or two hours, so snacks and drinks may not be as important.

Third, calculate the total time of the trip and compare it with the costs. For example: we take five hours to go from the center of Glasgow to Scotland to the very center of London by train and cost about twenty five British pounds each time.

Now, you can pick up a cheap Glasgow flight to London, just to check that the two airports are located 40 km from the city center. This is added immediately three hours to your travel time, not counting the expected around airports, the handling of luggage and all the inconvenience that exists. You will also have to pay separately the bus or train journey from the airport to the city center and vice versa. Unless your airline is extremely cheap, you can spend more money in the long run for a less comfortable trip. Check everything in advance if you can.

Fourthly, the prices of cheap airplane tickets mentioned are only for APEX travelers. You may need to pay a lot more if you want to change the flight time. The prices of cheap flights are usually only available if purchased in advance; Buying the day before or the day will add a great bonus to the price. The amount of luggage is also on average, often no more than 15kg or 20kg per person. In any case, you will have a lot of tickets at cheap prices.

In summary: you can travel to cheap Europe carefully choosing your airplane package at a discount. But try to increase all the hidden additional costs as you compare the prices of flight tickets. You should also take into account the additional travel time that you can reach to a provincial airport.

Remember: do not think too much!

Traveling to Europe is fun, but you do it.

Astral Travel Forums – Hot Tips to Choose the Best

One of the best ways to learn more about traveling in the astral, since the subject really interests you, is to join lively travel forums in the world. ;astral. You will not only meet like-minded people, but you will also learn a lot. You can make friends from all over the world, discuss trips to the astral, ask questions, learn new techniques and expand your mental horizons on an astral travel forum. These forums are available everywhere on the Internet, and you do not have to pay a dime to join them.

If you are really a serious astral projection student, you must carefully choose a good astral travel forum. Otherwise, you will not benefit much. Do not register blindly on a forum just because it displays the terms "astral travel". Start by studying the site well. Do the colors and designs of the site appeal to you? Does the size of the font hurt your eyes? Are the messages easy to read? Do members really discuss astral projection or do they use the site for fraudulent activities? Find answers to all these questions.

Then check it out if it's just a forum or it's part of a larger site including articles on astral projection, resources, blogs, an online chat and other features. You might want to be part of something that goes beyond the framework of a forum.

Discover the number of messages. If the categories are few and most of them are empty, it is best to avoid the site because it is new or just not popular. Check how many people are active on the forum before diving into it. You need a large community of astral travelers or astral projection students with whom to communicate. You do not want to be part of a half-dead site without members or a new site that is still struggling to gain traffic.

A good idea is to read some reviews of the site that interests you. For example, Spiritual Forums seems to be an excellent site. It includes an online chat, articles, links and an online store. The site also appears to contain thousands of messages and many categories, which means that many people visit it to interact and share information. This means that you will benefit a lot by joining the site. You will meet exciting people with whom to interact.

Spiritual Forums are not the only astral travel forum on the market. There are plenty around and you will find most of them on Google. You can check out Astral Pulse,, Astral Projection and Metaphysics Forum, to name a few. Find one that suits you and join him. For maximum benefits, you must join several forums.

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How to start your travel diary

Writing a travel diary can be a fun experience. You will be discussing all of your trips around the world and creating memorabilia of types. Over the years, the magazine will be a source of nostalgia for you. So, if you plan to start a travel diary for a while, here are some tips to help you get started.

Choose a medium for your journal entries

Most people love the idea of ​​writing their travel stories in a leather book attached. However, if you want the world to read about your adventures, you can even start a blog and start making your posts. It could be anything from a small paragraph about the places you are visiting or your experiences. And if you have the time, you can even write full How-to blogs to help other people plan their trips.

Start traveling sooner

To be able to maintain a travel diary, you must first start traveling. Take a destination and go there. If you have a busy life, spend a certain period of time on your trips. If you do not have money, you can save and plan a trip with a budget. For example, you can easily book cheap flights in advance so that you save money and time.

Earn experiences

There is a reason why most people want to be travelers and not tourists. It is because tourists travel for a place and visit important monuments or historic landmarks. On the other hand, travelers explore the culture and the local lifestyle of the people who live there. So, as you travel, remember not only to see the important places, but also to publicize the life and culture of the local population. In this way, a great amount of value will be added instantly to the travel diary.

Eat a variety of delicious dishes

One of the best things about travel is that you can try different local dishes, which may not be available in your hometown. Try local meals and small places that make and sell authentic dishes. Before starting the trip, you can even do a little research about your destination to find out about the best restaurants there.

Maintaining a travel diary is one of the most beautiful ways to document your life. Years later, when you look back at your diary or blog, you will see a bit of nostalgia. Then, thank you for having started your travel expeditions. Good trip!

Panama – One of the best places to travel

If you are looking for the best places to travel and spend quality time on recreation and relaxation, then Panama is the perfect destination for you to add to your itinerary. This country is currently considered the jewel of Central America, as its economy is booming and can be a real challenge for other third world countries. Breathtaking landscapes and enjoyable outdoor activities, coupled with a low cost of living, make this country one of the best places in the world to travel on vacation.

Enjoy a visit to Panama and go to Panama City first. Visit the famous Panama Canal of the country where most of the commerce and shipping activities take place. The Panama Canal is one of the reasons why traveling to Panama is well worth it. This famous canal is the backbone of Panama and has always played an important role in the country's economic growth. It's a landmark of the world that you absolutely must explore.

While in Panama, take the opportunity to meet and greet the many American expatriates who have already moved to Panama. You can, for example, make a relocation visit to Panama to get first-hand information on what it means to live in Panama. Meetings with expatriates are another reason why Panama is worth seeing because they can give you a lot of information on retirement planning and travel. Thanks to these people, you will discover that Panama is not only a vacation spot, but also the refuge of many American and European retirees.

Another reason Panama really deserves a visit is the discovery of the low cost of living in this country. Food, clothing and other basic needs are all very expensive; thus, your vacation expenses will be very low. Health care is also very cheap at surprisingly high standards. Punta Pacifica Hospital, for example, is a frequent destination for medical tourists. Many people travel to Panama for inexpensive medical interventions comparable to those offered in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. You can try to see a doctor for only $ 10 while you are in Panama.

Another reason why Panama is one of the best places to visit the country is that the country has a lot to offer in terms of culture, nature and people. The Panamanians are warm and friendly when you meet them by visiting old museums, historic buildings and cities. Those who love nature will also be satisfied, as the country has a well-preserved rainforest. You can hike on a nature trail, climb a mountain, zip line, swim at the beach or go horseback riding. There are many things to do to satisfy this finesse of adventure and enjoy nature at its best.

Panama has become the second home of many Americans and Europeans. More than 1,000 expatriates came to live in Panama permanently. This alone confirms that Panama is certainly one of the best places to travel and be considered a place of retirement. The real beauty of the country does not come only from one facet of its territory, but in many different forms. This is certainly one of the best places to visit among other countries in the world.

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How to choose a vacation apartment for your trips

Holiday apartments are becoming increasingly popular among holiday makers every year. Now it is possible to find vacation rentals in almost every country in the world. The popularity of holiday homes has grown a lot along with the growth of the internet and budget airlines.

A flat or condo that can be used to stay on vacation. These apartments have arisen all over the world and many tourists stay there for the holidays. These condominiums may vary from one room upwards. The typical holiday rental has between one and three rooms.

When you choose an apartment for your holidays, you are offered a tremendous choice. This is because there are holiday apartments that include almost all budgets and tastes. For holiday-makers looking for cheap holidays, it is possible to stay in a holiday rental for not too much money. At the other end of the staircase, there are some excellent luxury apartments that cover several thousand pounds per week to stay there.

For younger people who want to spend a cheap summer vacation, there is a good selection of holiday homes available. It is possible to stay in a one-bedroom apartment next to the beach or the city center without much money. Although these vacation rentals may not be luxurious, they will be clean and tidy.

Many families go on vacation to a warmer climate and like to stay in holiday homes. In this case, the two or three-bedroom apartments are very popular for families. Some apartments will have a sofa bed or place me & # 39; Beds to increase the number of people who can sleep on them. The beauty of vacation apartments for families is that many are reasonably priced to stay and many are close to local services.

Many will have a small open kitchen that offers people the choice of eating in local restaurants or eating. The kitchen of a holiday apartment will usually have a refrigerator, kitchen and microwave. Some have freezers and dishwashers, but you have to check which devices to offer before choosing your rental.

Normally you'll find an open floor area with comfortable chairs and a TV set. Next, we will go to the bedrooms and the bathroom. In warmer climates, the vacation apartment may have air conditioning or fans to keep the apartment cool during the summer months.

Some have a balcony and others with a table and chair outside. It is very relaxing to be able to sit outside on the balcony. Some will use the balcony of the apartment to sit outside and eat a meal, others like to simply sit outside and relax during the holidays.

It is not unusual for holiday apartments to be so popular among vacationers. There are now so many holiday apartments and it is so easy to choose from on the Internet.

Three reasons why traveling with an RV is the best

The United States of America is a big country physically. In fact, at 3,800,000 square kilometers, it ranks as the fourth largest country in the world. A large number of roads and highways connect more than 4,000,000 miles are interconnected. In short, not only is the United States a huge nation, but also a nation built to be traveled by the automobile. The vehicle that perfectly embodies this vehicle is the recreational vehicle, or RV.

The first motorhome was built in the 1910s and by the 1920s this type of vehicle had become widespread. Today, hundreds of thousands are sold each year. The size of a RV can range from a minivan converted to luxury yachts that extend over 40 feet. Some campers are bare bones, with a camp bed is the only equipment. Others have fully equipped kitchens, en-suite bathrooms, king-size beds and expansive walls. So, whatever level of comfort you are used to, you can find a motorhome that fits your style. Here are three reasons why you should want one.

Affordable travel

The two most important expenses incurred by most people on their travels are flight and hotel costs. When driving a motorhome, you do not have to worry about any of these problems. Instead, you pay for gas and the occasional cost of a motorhome parking spot. Plus, as most of these vehicles are equipped with a kitchen, you do not have to eat at the restaurant at every meal. If you have a family, you can simply multiply the savings.

Explore nature in comfort

In the United States, more than 6,600 state parks and national parks are open to the public. Some of them may have a hotel nearby, but the vast majority do not have one. What they have are fully equipped spaces for motorhomes. This means that for $ 20 to $ 40 a night, you can camp comfortably in some of the most beautiful natural regions of the country. It is quite possible to cross the whole country and stay only in national parks and national parks.

Gather your family

Studies have shown that families who enjoy motorhome vacations report higher levels of happiness and satisfaction than those traveling by car or plane. People cited the relaxing nature of motorhome travel, as opposed to the stress and discomfort of long flights and car trips. In addition, in recreational vehicles, families are able to interact using more media. Card games, storytelling and even activities such as charades are facilitated by the size of a camper.

In conclusion, a motorhome is an excellent choice for those who like to travel comfortably.

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How fast does your data travel through the Internet?

The speed of light is approximately 300,000 kilometers per second. Did you know that electrons that use electricity also travel very close to that speed. The information that travels to the Internet also travels at this speed. The information or modulated electrons travel at about 60% of the speed of light to most drivers.

Wi-Fi signals, which mostly travel through the air, travel much closer to the speed of light than the electrons that move through the copper wire. These signals can travel at the maximum speed of the light recorded in a vacuum, which is about 185,000 miles per second.

Some calculations show that electrons can travel through a 90% driver to the speed of light. Imagine how fast these empty particles could travel. To get them to travel faster, much more energy needs to be applied. This happens because the electron becomes much heavier, as they reach the speed of light. However, light moves to 186,000 miles per second in outer space. Outdoor space is considered to be empty. Light waves may reduce friction. Your sunglasses are able to block UV waves. In fact, many scientists believe that certain types of radiation are needed millions of years to escape the center of the sun after millions of nuclear reactions.

The speed at which it travels depends a lot on the medium that circulates. Think that there are materials that light can not move. Light can never happen through lead or various types of metal. The light particle or the waves try to penetrate these materials. However, they only reach the outer surface and become kinetic energy. This means that they warm up the surface of these materials and dissipate in nothing. They may turn into potential energy. The laws of thermodynamics would indicate this. The first law of thermodynamics is known as the law of conservation. This law states that energy can not be created or destroyed in a content or isolated system. The second law of thermodynamics puts an interesting turn in the first law. The second law establishes that the entropy of any contained or isolated system always increases.

The speed of light is measured at 186,000 miles per second. The distance that travels information on the Internet is thousands of kilometers in seconds. In fact, the time it takes to receive information is instantaneous. Of course, there are several devices that slow down the process, such as routers and various types of switches. However, the process that slows down this method of information travel is the speed with which humans make their decisions and are capable of introducing their ideas to the Internet. Human ideas can turn Internet into a good way to change the world. However, Internet can also be a method to convey bad ideas.

Best regards.

Springtime is the time of travel – enjoy the best holiday destinations this spring

Spring break has arrived and it's time to travel. The holidays bring joy, break the monotony and constitute a moment of celebration. It's the only time in today's busy world to catch up with old friends and family. Travel has become luxurious, convenient and inexpensive, many of us prefer to travel during the holidays. Besides the sun and the sand, many options are available today. Some even have ingredients to create memories for life.

Whether you are looking for relaxing getaways, an adventure safari, your hobby, a party atmosphere or you want to learn something new, packages or travel offers are already planned and travel agencies are ready to offer you the best family vacation packages. A growing number of hotels and travel agencies cater to families.


It's the world of gadgets and they can entertain you anywhere. Carry your Android as a main gadget. Few applications such as Google Maps, Layar and flight schedules are important for holidays, especially the more adventurous ones. Carry games you like to play. Android has a large collection of gaming applications in its app stores. Choose the free ones and enjoy the trip.

Do not forget to fill your device with the best music or carry an iPod. Although your phone incorporates a camera, I would prefer a separate SLR to capture the best memories that last forever.

Book your trip
Internet is the world of information and the best way to book your travel offers. Online travel booking companies provide information on the tours and destinations they offer to cover the package. It's easy to navigate through the discounts offered by various agencies, at once, without leaving your home. The creation of businesses via the Internet has created a fierce competition that benefits consumers, who can choose the best destinations within the limits of their budget.

Top holiday destinations
Some of the most coveted destinations around the world, for 2011, are:

Doha, Qatar: Doha is attracting the attention of tourists for the Doha-Tribeca Film Festival. Alongside this, the city hosts the Asian professional football club. Doha is for people who love beaches. It has beautiful beaches and a less crowded gourmet restaurant.

Rio, Brazil: Brazil is another beach destination. Rio de Janeiro loses its image of sun, sea and samba, and adopts glamor and sophistication as a new image. Enjoy the Summer Olympics and Brazilian 10-course dinners in Rio.

Cruise Getaway: If you are looking for something more exclusive and want to go on vacation, the cruise trip is the best. It takes you to islands that you have only dreamed of. The cruise trip is rich in entertainment for family and kids and the food served is amazing. It can cost expensive holidays, but it's worth it to participate.

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