Bitcoin, the leading marketable cryptographic asset, has been a confusing year so far. The year that began with the crypto-currencies began in the extreme, but later exploded 350% to 14,000 dollars, before falling by nearly 50% to 7,300 dollars.

The third largest 24-hour gain in cryptographic assets returned to its 200 and 50-day moving average, but dropped more than $ 10,000 and will again plummet. The drop in the number of bitcoins has returned to 50DMA, where the asset is rebuilding it – which is something very dangerous according to encryption analysts.

Bitcoin price: Bull or Bear Market will be decided soon
Bitcoin is at a critical juncture and will either recover from a strong recovery before reaching its maximum trajectory or move towards the bear market. The following days determine the evolution of the following months as the asset approaches its decline.


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Price action It is difficult to calculate which side of the market is discounted – bullish or bearish. The collapse of a massive symmetrical triangle of several months has divided the market in a vacuum, but motivated by the strong news of Chinese President Xi Jinping that did not support blockchain technology, caused a surge in asset prices that led to a short epic break and set a record for the third largest asset gain.

The explosive move pushed bitcoin over its 200-day moving average as well as its 50-day moving average – two moving averages that outpaced deaths.

But this powerful summit may be a powerful attempt by previous supporters, and Bitcoin is again falling, yielding below 200 DMAs and now facing “dangerous” 50 DMA cuts.

What are the differences between the travel agent and the tour operator?

Travel agents and tour operators are usually two separate service providers that manage different parts of the trip, not always exclusive, but the difference lies in the service they provide.

From the point of view of the consumer, the great change took place in 1992, since then anyone who offers the services for trips is responsible for their participation and the benefit they were expecting. This is a great development for the consumer side, as responsibility is now divided responsibly in all responsible parts.

Tour operators offer much more detailed services you need for anything small during the visit. It may not seem like a big difference, but both sides are at a different end in case of responsibility, etc. for your services. It is possible that dissatisfaction or the problem may not have to face great demands, since they are not the main sellers.

The main difference between the others is that the scope. Travel agents provide the specific services unless they are asked to handle other things, which act between airlines and travelers. It is expected that travel agents most often have business within their own office and have no participation in the execution of tours or are not linked to the actual facilities and services.

The difference between the agent and the tour operator can also be seen in the way you pay. The agents receive a commission for their services for the usual things, such as air tickets, etc. Agent bill is often very small compared to.

The services of both the tour operator and travel agents are fundamentally related so that some of the organizations begin to carry out both activities. However, it rarely occurs, since the tasks of the tour operators are enormous compared to the travel agent.

Search and compare cheap flights to get the best travel deals

In this era of advanced technology, air travel has become a prerequisite more than a simple alternative. Speed, comfort and class of flights can never be replaced by another means of transport. However, with rising fuel prices and other imperatives, air fares have increased recently.

In such a scenario, getting your hands on cheap flight deals can be daunting and time-consuming. The very first step in looking for cheap flight deals is to decide which destination you want to travel to.

There are many places that will please your likes like Las Vegas, Montreal, Toronto, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, Vancouver, New Orleans or even travel destinations like Los Angeles, Cancun, Maui, Philadelphia, Kauai. and Puerto Vallarta. Once you have chosen a destination, you must weigh your personal needs such as flight time, season, etc.

The more flexible you are, the more likely you are to get hold of cheap flight deals. In addition to the flexibility of the date and time, airport flexibility will greatly help to make your search and compare cheap flights with extreme accuracy and without problems. You must understand that there are peak periods and that there are off-season periods where travel offers will become much cheaper.

Doing some complex research on the World Wide Web will also help you if you can not wait to book your tickets online and not to hire a travel agent. The best advice that we can give you is to book your tickets in advance, be it offers of flights, trips, cruises, vacations or hotels. Book flights at least 2 to 4 months before your actual trip to get the best and most profitable deals.

It is also imperative to consult travel search engines that search and compare the cheap flights of different airlines, so you will be sure that you have actually bought the cheapest flight deals available in the market scenario. current. Some fly for commercial purposes and some are just for the pleasure of traveling; Whatever the reason for your trip, flight deals and travel offers will save you a lot of money and resources that can then be used for other productive work such as shopping, catering or shopping. 'accommodation.

Do not forget to search for cheap hotel deals, travel cruises offers, hotel deals, and more. This will save you worry about last minute preparations. It is not surprising that you save a lot of time and resources when you plan to search and compare cheap flights via the World Wide Web. If you wish to book a cheap flight to Miami, check the availability of charter flights. Thanks to this know-how, you will undoubtedly make a well-versed and balanced verdict concerning the offers of cheap flights and the offers of economic trips.

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Advantages of using a cup of coffee travel

A cup of coffee travel is a small or medium cup that has thermal insulation capabilities and is used to drink coffee while in motion. This cup is a great friend of people who love coffee and requires frequent travel. If you are a person who travels and loves coffee, you may want to look.

A cup of coffee travel can offer several advantages. Although some of them are obvious trivial, there are other non-trivial ones, unless you think it. The main advantages of travel mugs happen.

  • Coffee in motion: This is the most obvious use of a cup of coffee travel: to consume coffee while traveling in a vehicle or walking. The cup is made so that the possibilities of spilling coffee are minimized.
  • Singular versions to multiple portions You may want to use a smaller cup with a single portion versus a half-serving / half cup, depending on whether you want to restrict coffee intake or not.
  • Prepare coffee once and enjoy many times: You can make coffee one time and store it in the coffee cup of travel. If the cup is large enough, you can easily store three to four servings. The insulation system of the cup will guarantee that the coffee temperature is maintained and you can enjoy it much later.
  • Cold coffee: Remember that the thermal insulation works by not allowing the heat to escape. This means that you can not only enjoy hot coffee, but it will also work for cold coffee.
  • Reuseability for other drinks: It's not that you should use the coffee cup of travel just to drink coffee just to make it today, but you can also think about using it for another drink on another day if you feel it.

By the way, have you noticed that a cup of coffee travel is a good gift to give to your family and a gift that is cheap enough to present to your dear customers from time to time?

Solo packages – Costa Rica, one of the best holidays for singles

For solo holiday destinations, it's hard to beat Costa Rica. There is something for everyone and at an affordable price. If you choose, as I did, not to make a season, it's an even better buy considering the supplements systematically added to solo travel packages, making it difficult to search for the best price. luxury travel options at great prices for individual travelers. These price cuts come quickly after the summer crowds return home, so I took the opportunity to visit in September. Although it's still the rainy season, I do not remember dusting my umbrella once. Autumn agreements may also reflect smaller crowds where some tourists may avoid the entire Caribbean because of hurricane advertising. In reality, Costa Rica is rarely affected by hurricanes and despite its size, it has several different climate zones. Overall, it was one of my best destinations for solo travel.

Hotels are plentiful at a wide range of prices, from global premium chains to smaller, locally owned properties. TripAdvisor lists 120 hotels in 20 locations in Costa Rica. A local site lists 61 hotels rated as 5 stars with nightly rates ranging from a modest $ 113 to $ 1240, offering virtually limitless luxury travel options for individual travelers. Seven of these 5-star hotels were between $ 200 and $ 299. Although they are not cheap, they compare favorably to prices in hotels around the world.

Costa Rica is one of the best resorts for singles, offering 4 types of vacations of choice to single travelers: 1. Historical and cultural travel packages that reflect both Caribbean and Latin American heritage, 2 Ecotourism or green packages, 3 4. Adventure travel packages and 4. Beach getaways, not just for honeymooners.

I started my trip to the capital, San Jose, preparing my own cultural travel package as and when. The Spanish colonial history of the country began in the early sixteenth century, when it was attributed to Christopher Columbus, during his travels, the name of Costa Rica. After the arrival of his first Spanish settlers in 1522, about 300 years followed before independence.

The city has a number of museums to explore, such as the Museo Nacional de Costa Rica. However, it is the Museo de Oro (Gold Museum) that really intrigued me. Not only was it filled with glittering gold artifacts, but also pre-Columbian characters long before the arrival of the Spaniards. (In addition, the adjacent gift shop sold copies of these unique items, perfect to take home as gifts for friends and family.)

History specialists and architecture enthusiasts may be disappointed that most of the capital's intact buildings date back to the 19th century and not to the colonial period. The impressive metropolitan Cathedral of San José was built in the late nineteenth century to replace the original structure destroyed by an earthquake. More recent, but considered the most beautiful building in San José, the National Theater of Costa Rica also dates from the late nineteenth century. Now celebrating its 117th birthday this year, it is known for its ornate interior in pink and gold marble, but also houses an elegant Viennese-style café. In front of two imposing statues, Ludwig van Beethoven and the 17th-century Spanish playwright Calderón de La Barca keep a watchful eye on 21st-century visitors as they enter.

After leaving San Jose and entering the countryside, it is easy to see that Costa Rica is one of the world's leading ecotourism destinations, offering affordable travel to individual travelers. The tropical forest, parks and wildlife reserves make up 25% of the country. Although small in square kilometers, Costa Rica has the richest biodiversity in the world. True to its ecological goal, the government has implemented a program to voluntarily achieve carbon neutrality in 2007. The highly photogenic red-eyed tree frog is generally represented to represent Costa Rica's wildlife. As I have found, it is not necessary to go very far to see colorful examples. From the terrace of my hotel, a hummingbird flying at low altitude, one of 26 local species, accompanied me each morning for breakfast. The tropical rainforest, with its 3 or 4 distinct levels, offers the opportunity to see lazy lounging in the trees and screaming monkeys atop the canopy; However, dense growth can make it difficult to find them.

A third option exists for individual travelers seeking tempo. Beyond peaceful bird watching and pictures of wild animals, Costa Rica offers many adventure vacation opportunities for singles, starting from the zip line over the treetop or recalling the LaFortuna / Arenal waterfalls. White water rafting is practiced in six to seven rivers, while both coasts are great for snorkeling and scuba diving. Although the Arenal volcano no longer attracts crowds in the evening after the end of its nocturnal eruptions in 2010, there remain six major volcanoes for trekking. The resulting hot springs are always an ideal place for "Happy Hour" watching the sunset. Not being prepared, I was happy to see that the gift shop was selling pretty swimsuits in bright tropical colors albeit a bit short of fabric!

Finally, no trip to Costa Rica is complete without visiting the nearly 300 beaches from the Pacific coast to the west and the quieter Caribbean to the east. I recommend trying both sides.

For me, having my local home in San Jose, in the Central Valley, was ideal as it was an easy day trip into the rainforest but with the beaches and boating always at hand. The quality and prices were really good even for solo travelers. If you can not decide if you want to go to the Caribbean or Latin America, Costa Rica awards you the "2 for the price of 1" rather than what travelers both often find "1 for the trip" . price-of-2 "Whether you're looking for a trip to the baby boom or a millennial adventure, feel free to add Costa Rica to your list.

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Travel writing: write in a third person

If you write travel articles, do not think what is best to allow you to have the maximum opportunity to publish your articles. One of the tips to consider is to write first or third person.

There are some skillful and popular travel writers, of course. Some are names of the home. Others are new and inspiring. These people find it easy to write in the first person. They say that "I did this" or "I did it". Your articles are of a high standard.

However, it may be difficult to write this way and, above all, if you are not established, it may be difficult for readers to connect with you. Frankly, people do not always want to know what he did, what he ate and where he went. After all, your article is not an autobiography. It is a travel article.

People feel more comfortable when they speak and write in a third person (unless they know or know you). So, you will have to say: "Continue along the western avenue" instead of "you have gone down the western avenue" and "try the duck with a wine sauce" instead of "I had the" Duck with wine sauce ".

You are offering your reader a guide, a model and the opportunity to base your travel plans and experiences on the facts you can provide. Do not ask them to live a typical day on your itinerary.

Allow your readers to experience the travel information that you have in an objective and factual manner. Write in third person, not first.

Springtime is the time of travel – enjoy the best holiday destinations this spring

Spring break has arrived and it's time to travel. The holidays bring joy, break the monotony and constitute a moment of celebration. It's the only time in today's busy world to catch up with old friends and family. Travel has become luxurious, convenient and inexpensive, many of us prefer to travel during the holidays. Besides the sun and the sand, many options are available today. Some even have ingredients to create memories for life.

Whether you are looking for relaxing getaways, an adventure safari, your hobby, a party atmosphere or you want to learn something new, packages or travel offers are already planned and travel agencies are ready to offer you the best family vacation packages. A growing number of hotels and travel agencies cater to families.


It's the world of gadgets and they can entertain you anywhere. Carry your Android as a main gadget. Few applications such as Google Maps, Layar and flight schedules are important for holidays, especially the more adventurous ones. Carry games you like to play. Android has a large collection of gaming applications in its app stores. Choose the free ones and enjoy the trip.

Do not forget to fill your device with the best music or carry an iPod. Although your phone incorporates a camera, I would prefer a separate SLR to capture the best memories that last forever.

Book your trip
Internet is the world of information and the best way to book your travel offers. Online travel booking companies provide information on the tours and destinations they offer to cover in the package. It's easy to navigate through the discounts offered by various agencies, at once, without leaving your home. The creation of businesses via the Internet has created a fierce competition that benefits consumers, who can choose the best destinations within the limits of their budget.

Top holiday destinations
Some of the most coveted destinations around the world, for 2011, are:

Doha, Qatar: Doha is attracting the attention of tourists for the Doha-Tribeca Film Festival. Alongside this, the city hosts the Asian professional football club. Doha is for people who love beaches. It has beautiful beaches and a less crowded gourmet restaurant.

Rio, Brazil: Brazil is another beach destination. Rio de Janeiro loses its image of sun, sea and samba, and adopts glamor and sophistication as a new image. Enjoy the Summer Olympics and Brazilian 10-course dinners in Rio.

Cruise Getaway: If you are looking for something more exclusive and want to go on vacation, the cruise trip is the best. It takes you to islands that you have only dreamed of. The cruise trip is rich in entertainment for family and kids and the food served is amazing. It can cost expensive holidays, but it's worth it to participate.

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Luxury trips to Costa Rica: 5 places to consider

Costa Rica has become a popular travel destination for people all over the world, and especially in the USA. It is a convenient location, a tropical climate throughout the year and 800 kilometers of coastline, which are a perfect destination for business or pleasure.

In recent years, some American-based companies have opened offices near Costa Rica. Educated and talented workforce in the country is an additional incentive for various industries, including the information technology sector. And all the visitors of Costa Rica, both for business and for pleasure, experience what is characterized by the "Pura Vida" lifestyle. This open and happy culture tends to help people to relax and feel at ease.

5 luxury accommodations to try during your trips to Costa Rica

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure in Costa Rica, you probably want to stay somewhere you enjoy. Be sure to make hotel reservations in advance to get the perfect accommodation for your visit. Check out these 5 luxury resorts available in Costa Rica. These sites have been selected based on the location, conveniences, and customer reviews:

  1. Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica, on the Papagayo Peninsula: This tourist complex, located in the Gulf of Papagayo, offers a 5-star travel experience with full access to the beach and free Wi-Fi. The complex offers several swimming pools, gymnasiums, restaurants, bars, tennis courts and golf courses. This complex is a perfect getaway and offers different kinds of entertainment opportunities according to your needs and interests.
  2. Arenas del Mar Beachfront and Rainforest Resort a Manuel Antonio National Park: This complex is located near tropical forests, private trails and white sandy beaches and offers stunning views and activities for those seeking emotions. This complex has been awarded the Five Sustainability Leaf Award for its sustainable carbon neutral accommodation and a luxuriant neighborhood. This complex is ideal for lovers of nature and adventurous souls.
  3. PURE Condo Resort: Located in the Bay of Herradura, this 5-star luxury complex allows guests to immerse themselves in the Pura Vida lifestyle and relax next to the water. This complex is located one hour away from the international airport and allows trips to be free from pain. This complex allows guests to enjoy a home away from home in beautiful, perfect condominiums for families, couples or single travelers. This location offers customers the option to explore local retail stores and sample Costa Rican cuisine in nearby restaurants.
  4. Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort: The Tabacon Resort is located in the center of a tropical rain forest near the Arenal volcano, and is an ideal place for queens and kings. This complex offers guests something relaxing only: rivers of thermal mineral sources that have formed waterfalls, streams, pools and ponds. A peaceful landscape that allows guests the opportunity to relax and enjoy nature. Tabacon offers many amenities, such as spa services, restaurants located in the rain forest and rooms of superior hotels. This complex creates the most relaxing vacations for all the clients.
  5. Fina Rosa Blanca: Located in Santa Bárbara, Costa Rica, this coffee and inn plantation was built right in the middle of beautiful gardens that produced coffee beans. This complex is easily accessible, located 20 minutes from the international airport. With impressive scenery, delicious food options and refreshing access to pool and beach, this complex offers a luxurious experience for any visitor.

As an agile software development company based in the USA, with offices in San Jose, Costa Rica, we have appreciated all the great places to stay, whether you are visiting, for work, for pleasure or for combining them. All of these resorts described above offer a unique visitor experience designed to relax and capture the lifestyle of Pura Vida. For more information about the visit to Costa Rica, follow our blog to get interesting information about the country and places to visit during your trip.

Make the most of your safaris in Tanzania

Tanzania has a rich human history, considering that this is where the first human fossils were found. Besides the amazing fact of being the oldest region in the world, it is also home to many wild animals and exotic birds, making it a destination of choice for safari lovers. It is also home to the highest mountain in Africa. Safaris in this great country will allow you to enjoy the best of what it has to offer, but as with any other holiday destination, it is necessary to plan in advance to ensure you have unforgettable moments during your stay. .

1. Know and visit the main attractions

You can never miss places to visit and things to do in Tanzania. Mount Kilimanjaro, which is now an inactive volcanic mountain, is part of your safari list and allows you to hike, climb and see volcanic cones. The Serengeti National Park, Ngongoro Conservation Area, Pemba Island and Ruaha National Park are some of the other interesting areas that you should definitely be part of your visit. Bongoyo Island, House of Wonders, Lake Victoria and Lake Manyara National Park are also worth visiting.

2. Get a guide and find the right package

Travel agencies located in the country organize safari packages adapted to the different preferences of visitors and tourists. Choose the best company and go through the safari packages to make sure you get the one that fits what you want to enjoy. If you can not find anything that suits your preferences, you can always find out if it is possible for service providers to create a custom circuit for you. If you are new to the country, a guide will certainly be useful. The guide will not only help you explore and understand the attractions, but will also familiarize you with the local Swahili language, if any.

3. Choose the right season of travel

Tanzania has dry, wet seasons throughout the year and the conditions can determine how much you get to see and enjoy. When choosing your private safaris, be sure to schedule them for a season that will allow you to make the most of your visit. The dry seasons seem to be the best for a safari, but you can compare the two seasons and choose according to what seems most ideal for your type of visit.

4. Pack well

Since safaris usually take place outdoors, you must be prepared to make sure you pack your bags. Prepare your clothes according to the weather conditions, but also according to the rules, especially when visiting wildlife parks. If you are unsure of what is ideal, you can always get the advice of your travel agent. A camera and binoculars are some of the things you may want to bring.

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Why should parents travel their teens with friends?

Often they will meet with parents who are prepared to create a protective wall around their children, never let the child behave independently. Even if you protect your child from anything you think is not necessary, it is also important to make sure that your child becomes a responsible individual.

Since adolescence, it is the right age to teach the child a couple of things, including the importance of being responsible for things and their own actions. It is also the age where the overprotective parents may be the best thing to do. Therefore, let your child sneeze your shoes, pack your own bag, do your homework and talk with your friends, even if that means talking. during a vacation.

This article summarizes the main reasons why parents should let their teenage children travel with their friends:

Open the doors of your knowledge – You have always taught your child the right things and have done almost everything you could to offer knowledge, because the trip is his father. When you let your child travel with their partners, remember even for a while but they will speak meaningfully: the right information will be shared and that is exactly what your child needs.

It makes them look at things from a different perspective – So far, your child looked at things as he was seeing them, but traveling opens up many different perspectives. Even if it is a group of ten friends who travel together, each one will have an own perspective, which means that your child will not only learn to develop perspectives, but will easily accept someone else.

Traveling with friends means better bond – A child's mental development is based on how well he can communicate with his peers and what is better than traveling with these friends? Not only will it be time to do many recreational activities, but also special links, and remember the friends that travel together.

Traveling would make your child a responsible adult – When traveling with friends, your child has no choice but to act responsibly: this means that sending it alone with friends will benefit one way or another. It will become a more responsible adult and in the long term you can also make some wise decisions.

It will make mistakes, improve and overcome – Traveling with friends should be the option of your child and, if he gives him happiness, surely you should do this trip. Over the years, or perhaps during a specific trip, your child can be mistaken, but he will improve and above all he will learn from them, so let them travel.

Although you might think that your child is too young to travel with friends, remember that it will only benefit you in the long term. In addition, traveling is a way to lead a better life and there is no age appropriate for your child to travel, so make sure you make the decisions of your life from a very young age, even if it is try to travel with friends.

Easy steps to hire the best coach for your travel needs

Buses are among the most luxurious means of transportation, especially if you plan to travel in a group. Modern coaches are designed to offer maximum comfort. Some are equipped with an air conditioning system to maintain comfortable temperatures while driving. You may need to hire a coach for events such as birthdays, weddings, school trips and family trips. Whatever the need for travel you have, you must at least call on the best coach. This is a process that only takes a few easy steps to follow.

Step 1 – Know the number of people you bring. Do not forget that there are different types of coaches and that they are of different sizes. By getting to know the exact number of people you are going to bring, it becomes easy to choose the right size bus. You can find anything from 8 seater minibus to 80 seater double decker, depending on the number of people you are traveling with.

2nd step – Find several bus companies that offer these services and compare the prices depending on the size of the bus you want. The good thing about comparing companies is that you are more likely to get affordable rents without compromising the condition of the bus. Some quotes can help you choose the company that best suits your travel needs.

Step 3 – Discover the fleet. Once you have selected the most suitable bus company to rent your bus, examine the park. A company that has a collection of buses to choose from is the best solution for you to make the most of your travel needs. Some companies classify buses by category, so it's easy for you to make a choice. Your chances of getting the best are increased when you have a choice of bus options. You must always call on a company that can offer you several buses.

Step 4 – Once you have located the bus you like, take the time to check the amenities. Does he have a toilet? Air conditioning system? Entertainment system? Discover exactly what you have on the bus to prepare you for the trip.

Step 5 – Ask about the prices. Several factors can determine prices when you rent a bus. First, if you need a tourist driver, it's something. Secondly, the size of the bus you choose and the number of days you want to rent it can also affect prices. Ask about all applicable fees and know exactly what you expect from you.

Step 6 – Discover the rental policy. Some bus companies allow certain items on board, but may not allow others. Before sliding the cooler or glass bottle onto the boat, be sure to know any restrictions.

Step 7 – If everything looks good then you can pay the deposit required to book your coach for the trip.

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